Jefferson Pierce is a hardened hero who has decided to hang up his costume, and better his community in different ways. He is the principal of an all-black high school in a mostly black community. The man is trying to better his people through education as he has done for his two daughters. The backdrop of the school and community reminds me of inner cities like Chicago.

Black Lightning

What makes this show so special is that it is not afraid to tackle recent social issues. Black lightning reminds people of systematic racism, and black on black violence. One of the most powerful scenes is when a drug dealer reminds a black kid that while he is slinging drugs, the other white kids are ahead of him. I knew Black Lightning was special when during one scene a black guy described a black girl as “alternative black” because she wasn’t into the usual hip-hop.

The show doesn’t pull back punches either. Cursing, intense violence, and sexually tones also come with the meta-commentary on social injustices. For those who watch the CW shows for the action, you will not be let down. The action feels real due to the close-up fight scenes, and brutal blows delivered by Black Lightning. Our hero doesn’t waste time and aims to finish off his foes as quickly as possible. The end of the episode is probably one of the hypest things ever and makes you want more as soon as possible. The production quality and tight pacing make this feel like a Netflix exclusive rather than a cable show.

Black Lightning

Is Black Lightning too black for the CW? This is a question that has been asked, and honestly, the answer to that question is No. The show is made by black people, with an almost all-black cast. The music is damn near amazing. The show references numerous Black activists and music artists. Hell, “black ass” is said enough times to start a drinking game. As a black man, it feels like everything in this show was made for me, and that is special. There is finally a new show that gives light to the Black struggles in America. Cable Needs more black based programs that are not afraid to make a stand.

In case you haven’t heard folks Black Lightning is back!

Black Lightning airs on the CW Tuesdays at 9 pm Eastern

Written by Carl Broughton

Founder and Business Manager of FilmEra I am a Florida native who decided to stop reading reviews and start writing them instead. Follow me on my journey Twitter @Carlislegendary email:

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