Hi there! I’m Kevin Lever, a writer on Filmera. I fell in love with film at a young age, watching way more than my friends and absorbing any movie or TV show I possibly could. I would become a walking recommendation, at times. It was walking out of my #5 choice that opened up my mind to the possibility of making it a large part of my life, and film has been a huge piece of my life ever since. No other medium has managed to encapsulate and hold me like cinema has, and to write about it is endlessly rewarding.

Here are my top five films.

1) Schindler’s List

Spielberg’s film about the atrocities of war, human loss, and a list that created generations is powerful, moving, and one of the films that leaves a long-lasting impression. It sits deep in my heart, and is an incredibly important movie.


2) Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Edgar Wright created a movie that in 2010, at the same age as Scott and Canadian, felt like it was made for me. Everything about it oozes style and fun, and it’s one I could return to many, many times and never lose my affection for.


3) Raiders of the Lost Ark

The ultimate adventure movie, with one of the best chases in film history, some moments that will forever be seared in my brain, and Harrison Ford as Indy. Spielberg made a movie that is the pinnacle of action, adventure, and excitement. This film belongs in a museum as a testament for how you make a movie, because everything in it is wonderful.


4) Fargo

The Coens made a nearly flawless movie about people way in over their heads and the consequences that buffoonery and dimwittedness can lead to. It’s full of one-liners and performances that I can still quote to this day, and remains a yearly watch I always can’t wait for.


5) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I loved film for a long time, but this movie was the one that made me become serious about wanting a place somewhere in that industry. I bought a screenwriting book right after I got out of the theatre. The sci-fi bent to a love story being erased, feeling it during all of the weirdness and revelations that leads to… It is a fantastic movie about the lasting impact of connection, and goes beyond what I ever expected.


Written by Kevin Lever

I write about television. Extremely Canadian. E-mail: kevinlever25@gmail.com ; Twitter: @kevinlever

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