Horsepower Month

My name is Brian Lang, and I’m the Content Manager for FilmEra. The staff kicked around a few ideas for a theme for September, and settled on … two of them. Namely, westerns and racing. Now, you might think these two types of media have little in common, but they do share at least one thing: horsepower. And so the theme for the month is Horsepower, and the staff is settling into the saddle and strapping on their seat belts. Whether it’s putting spurs to flanks or the pedal to the metal, you’re in for an exciting ride.

Here’s a few highlights of what’s in store this month:

  • David Punch opens the month with his 10 Greatest Westerns and the Order in Which to Watch Them, then follows that up with a Spotlight feature on the first movie on that list: Stagecoach.
  • The Mad Max series contains its share of epic cars and crazy races coupled with enough dust clouds to make any western squirm with envy. Jacob Watson reviews each in George Miller’s post-apocalyptic-but-horsepower-packed series.
  • Not to be outdone, Calvin Kemph has reviewed each of the Fast & Furious movies. We’ll roll one out each day, hitting what would have been Paul Walker’s 45th birthday, the 12th, with his final appearance in the series. After that, he’ll give you a Film Frame Friday on some of the best scenes in the series.
  • Jayson McNulty will be at the Toronto International Film Festival, delivering a steady dose of content throughout the festival’s run from September 6th through the 16th.

Those are just the setpieces. Throughout the month, we’ll continue to bring you reviews of new releases in the cinema, a constant stream of some of the most exciting TV shows on the air—our resident TV aficionado Kevin Lever will cover Forever, The Dragon Prince, The Good Cop, King Lear and The Man in the High Castle himself!—and a liberal dose of westerns and racing movies from our passionate staff of dedicated writers and editors.

Come back each day to see what content FilmEra has in store for you. And thank you for making FilmEra part of your daily surfing!


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