50 Blood-Soaked Tales for October

Editor’s Note: As we bring Horsepower Month to a close, we turn our eyes to October, to what we’re calling #FearEra, and, ultimately, to Halloween. Thus the team is frothing at the mouth, Cujo style, to bring you a full month’s worth of Horror content. So we’re kicking it off a day in advance, so you all can have your lists ready.

Horror is probably my favorite genre of film. I love science fiction too, but I think overall Horror is my absolute favorite. Back in the 90’s, I used to go to the rental store and pick up various movies. Stuff like Rawhead Rex, The Relic, Puppetmaster, and Phantasm come to mind. My world was fairly limited to just what was on those shelves. Sometimes I’d go buy some movies, but again things were kind of limited.

In 2015 I found out about the 31 Days of Horror movie marathons people run and decided to try it out. I was hooked. In that first year I learned about things like Giallo and directors named Fulci and Argento. Pretty soon I was watching REC from Spain, Italian horror, and South Korean masterpieces. My world had expanded with the lists people posted and the advent of streaming services.

So what is this list exactly? These are films I’ve watched in the last few years that I think are either little known, maybe forgotten, or some I just wanted to highlight. So I thought this would be good for those looking for something a little different. Maybe you need a certain niche filled for your marathon list or maybe you’re just looking for something beyond Jason and Freddy. I feel all of these films are worth a watch for Horror fans. I can’t guarantee they are all good, and I can’t guarantee you’ll like any of them. There are some really gory, disturbing, violent, and dark films here. There’s also some comedy and charm. With that I bring you my list of horror movie recommendations:

Angst 1983 Directed by Gerald Kargl

  • From Austria
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • This is a serial killer movie that feels surprisingly modern in its camera work and stars the engine guy from Das Boot if you’ve seen that.
Dude likes his sausage…

Baskin 2015 Directed by Can Evrenol

  • From Turkey
  • Streaming on Netflix
  • I really want to revisit this one. It’s super violent with a craptacular ending, but the overall atmosphere was worth the watch.

Better Watch Out 2016 Directed by Chris Peckover

  • From Australia & US
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • Don’t ignore this one. I thought it was really good and turns your typical slasher into something a bit more…mean.
Better Watch Out

Blood Feast 1963 Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

  • From US
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • My man Herschell Gordon Lewis. This movie is terrible, but the story it tells is pretty cool. A good remake is out there somewhere waiting to be made.
He seems angry

Confession of Murder 2012 Directed by Jung Byung-gil

  • From South Korea
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • What if the statute of limitations on murder ran out and the next day a known serial killer stepped up to confess? Yea, that is this and it’s glorious.
Don’t you know when to come in from the rain?

Cruising 1980 Directed by William Friedkin

  • From Germany & US
  • Pacino is a cop sent to find a serial killer stalking gay men. Made by the guy that did The Exorcist and Sorcerer, which is not horror but still amazing. Seriously, track this one down. Well worth it. Kind of ended stupidly, but the journey was worth it.
What have I gotten myself into?

Cure 1997 Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa

  • From Japan
  • Another serial killer movie, but this one takes some turns. I was floored when this ended.

Dagon 2001 Directed by Stuart Gordon

  • From Spain
  • Like Lovecraft? Then you need to see this.
You know when your mom says you need to go to the dentist?

Dead & Buried 1981 Directed by Gary Sherman

  • From US
  • I only watched this the one time and remember very little of it, but I remember it being awesome!
Bet that hurts

Deathgasm 2015 Directed by Jason Lei Howden

  • From New Zealand
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • Like heavy metal and gore? Then I have a movie for you!
Every parent’s nightmare

The Driller Killer 1979 Directed by Abel Ferrara

  • From US
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • If I was to put art house in the description of any horror movie, this would be it. Wait….you’re telling me some dude in 1979 was running around killing people with a drill? Yep, battery pack for the win! Seriously though, watch this one. It’s got some really good visual appeal for a slasher type flick.
Power tools make slasher movies so much better

Evil Dead 2013 Directed by Fede Alvarez

  • From US
  • I know, you love the Raimi Dead movies and hate me for putting this here. Don’t care. I loved the serious take on those films and think this is very much worth the watch.
Evil Dead

Excision 2012 Directed by Richard Bates Jr.

  • From US
  • Did you watch The Cell and think it needed more bloody teenage girls? Well here you go!
We’re going to get bloody here

Frankenstein 1931 Directed by James Whale

  • From US
  • Gah… it’s black and white. This is Horror peeled back to its bare essence. The monster isn’t some indestructible creature; it’s a simple creation of random body parts trying to understand what is going on and why people are trying to kill it with fire. I found this to be very refreshing from all the typical blood and guts of modern takes.
Kill it with fire!

Frightmare (aka Cover Up) 1974 Directed by Pete Walker

  • From UK
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • If you want to see a cannibal movie that isn’t Cannibal Holocaust, then this is your film. This is far more disturbing than it is violent, but it’s still plenty violent.
Mom’s got some issues to work out

Funny Games 1997 Directed by Michael Haneke

  • From Austria
  • Speaking of disturbing. Two young dudes run from house to house wreaking havoc. This one is absolutely devastating in how it goes down. Watcher beware. There are two versions made by the same director. I recommend the original, but the remake is decent as well.
Funny Games

Ghosts of Mars 2001 Directed by John Carpenter

  • From US
  • I can’t tell you why I like this one. It’s not one of the better Carpenter films, but it’s fun. The death metal soundtrack, the Martian zombies, and Ice Cube just make a good combination for me I guess.
Not sure I’d call these guys ghosts…

I Saw the Devil 2010 Directed by Kim Jee-woon

  • From South Korea
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • This one is amazing! Cop chases serial killer and things get violent.
I Saw the Devil

Idle Hands 1999 Directed by Rodman Flender

  • From US
  • If you ever wanted to see what Jessica Alba looked like when she was at her most attractive, then you came to the right place. It’s also pretty funny too. So there’s that.
Now that’s an idle hand!

In the Mouth of Madness 1994 Directed by John Carpenter

  • From US
  • This is top tier Carpenter right here, and I can’t tell enough people to watch this. Good for watching with Dagon and Possession.
Ever have one of those days?

Inside 2007 Directed by Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury

  • From France
  • French extremity done right though I haven’t seen Martyrs. I thought Frontier(s) sucked. Haute Tension was good until the ending.
Guess dude asked for a sammich one too many times

Kwaidan 1964 Directed by Masaki Kobayashi

  • From Japan
  • Streaming on Filmstruck
  • I think out of everything on this list, I’d say Kwaidan is the absolute best piece of art. I’m not saying art house, I’m saying piece of art. The movie is beautiful to watch. It’s a bit slow at times, but visually it’s wonderful.
Kwaidan is amazing visually

mother! 2017 Directed by Darren Aronofsky

  • From US
  • Like a punch in the face. That’s how subtle this one is, but I absolutely loved it.

Murder Party 2007 Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

  • From US
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • Lonely dude finds a random invitation to a murder party that he thinks is just some Halloween party. Turns out, some artists really do want to kill someone so they can photograph it or paint it. This one is pretty funny. Gory too.
Murder Party

Night of the Creeps 1986 Directed by Fred Dekker

  • From US
  • Classic 80’s style.
Kill it with fire!

Pontypool 2008 Directed by Bruce McDonald

  • From Canada
  • If you were feeling that zombies were getting stale, then you need to see this.
Good morning Viet…eh wrong movie

Possession 1981 Directed by Andrzej Zulawski

  • From Germany & France
  • During the first hour here, you’re going to say that this isn’t Horror. Then things happen. Trust me, this is disturbing in all the right ways.

Prom Night 2 1987 Directed by Bruce Pittman

  • From Canada
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • Forget the first Prom Night, it sucked. Part two has nothing to do with it, in fact. Why recommend this? Because it’s absolute insanity.
Prom Night 2

Psycho II 1983 Directed by Richard Franklin

  • From US
  • Yea, yea, the original is amazing and everything else after sucks. Except it doesn’t. This sequel is very good and continues the tale of Norman after he gets out of the nut house.
Sometimes the darkness stares back

Q 1982 Directed by Larry Cohen

  • From US
  • Imagine Ray Harryhausen but bloody.

Repulsion 1965 Directed by Roman Polanski

  • From UK
  • This one ends up on a lot of lists and for good reason the descent into madness is like no other.
Stop being so grabby

Resolution 2012 Directed by Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead

  • From US
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • Here’s something that gets into cosmic horror and does a very impressive job for its budget. The Endless is a sequel to this, but in my opinion, Resolution did a much better job.

Society 1989 Directed by Brian Yuzna

  • From US
  • Streaming on Shudder & Amazon Prime
  • What if your parents were part of some weird society of rich weirdos? Society is one of those that you watch and can’t believe what you’re seeing. Viewer beware.
80’s style’

The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016 Directed by André Øvredal

  • From US & UK
  • What secrets does this dead body hold? Pretty original story if you ask me.
The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Birds 1963 Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

  • From US
  • This is a classic that no one has forgotten? No, but it’s still really good so watch it again, and if you haven’t watched this before, then get on it. Not only is there a really good horror element, the human love story side is well done too.
The Birds

The Burning Moon 1992 Directed by Olaf Ittenbach

  • From Germany
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • No one does extreme like Germany. Viewer beware, you’re in for some gore.
Wanna see hell?

The Company of Wolves 1984 Directed by Neil Jordan

  • From UK
  • I didn’t so much like this as I respected it. The set pieces and visuals are second to none. The story is a bit boring though. Still worth a watch because this one was made with some care.

The Devil’s Candy 2015 Directed by Sean Byrne

  • From US
  • Streaming on Netflix
  • Heavy metal strikes again!
The Devil’s Candy

The Innkeepers 2011 Directed by Ti West

  • From US
  • Streaming on Shudder & Amazon Prime
  • The story wasn’t all that great, but I really enjoyed the cast and how it looked.
Never go down there…

The Mist 2007 Directed by Frank Darabont

  • From US
  • I’m not gonna lie, the CGI sucked when this first came out, but what you’re really here to see is the ending.
Ever play Half-Life and wonder what happened to the town near the incident?

The Mummy 1932 Directed by Karl Freund

  • From US
  • I love Egyptian stuff and this one hits that mood very well.
Ahh, the ole stink eye

The Mutilator 1984 Directed by Buddy Cooper

  • From US
  • Streaming on Shudder & Amazon Prime
  • This movie sucks for a slasher, but that isn’t why I recommend it. There is one kill in here that I think you just have to see. That is all I’m going to say.
Yea, this one

The New York Ripper 1982 Directed by Lucio Fulci

  • From Italy
  • Holy cow this is violent. There’s a scene with a razor that just goes from stem to stern in the most brutal way. Not for the squeamish.
Quack quack

The Old Dark House 1932 Directed by James Whale

  • From US
  • Another one I don’t remember too much of, but for 1932, it was pretty impressive. I need to buy this and revisit it actually.
The Old Dark House

The Ritual 2017 Directed by David Bruckner

  • From UK
  • Streaming on Netflix
  • Loved the creature design and enjoyed the whole movie.
Something tells me they’re not having a good vacation

The Uninvited 1944 Directed by Lewis Allen

  • From US
  • I told you there was something charming here and this is it. A dash of romance and a dollop of comedy. Very cool.
The Uninvited

The Voices 2014 Directed by Marjane Satrapi

  • From Germany & US
  • Streaming on Netflix
  • Ryan Reynolds as a serial killer. This one gets dark, brutal, and violent, yet funny. Viewer beware.
Angel on one shoulder and devil on the other

The Wicker Man 1973 Directed by Robin Hardy

  • From UK
  • Streaming on Shudder
  • Forget that Nic Cage trash, this one is the real deal. It just dawned on me that this and Two Thousand Maniacs are similar in theme and idea.
The Wicker Man

Two Thousand Maniacs 1964 Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

  • From US
  • This one is another bad B-movie, but I think the story is very cool and pretty original. Ignore the remake; it was garbage of the worst kind.
This is called the rock dodge challenge

Under the Shadow 2016 Directed by Babak Anvari

  • From Iran
  • Streaming on Netflix
  • Is this real or not? You decide.
What goes bump in the night?