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FilmEra Presents: The Halloween Franchise

2018 is a huge year for the Halloween franchise of films.  Not only is John Carpenter’s original classic celebrating its 40th anniversary, but the 11th “official” installment is seeing release as well.  Halloween is no stranger to celebrating birthdays as it’s had several anniversary films at this point (Zombie’s remake misses the date by one year).  This time feels different, however, as if promises can be kept.  The newest sequel, from the minds of Danny McBride, Jeff Fradley, and David Gordon Green (also director), may deliver a layer of authenticity that’s largely been missing from the series since 1978.  The cherry on top is that the series godfather, John Carpenter, is back in the role(s) as executive producer, composer, and consultant; which is his first involvement with the Halloween franchise since 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

It seems the stars have aligned and Halloween (2018) is thus far getting the kind of critical reception that was once thought of as being foreign to this series aside from the original classic.  It’s been a bumpy road getting here though, and the journey itself is an interesting one full of peaks and valleys of varying quality.  To chart this journey as the release of the newest installment approaches, FilmEra has pledged to provide coverage this very October for every individual release from this beloved series.  This page will act as a central hub where each article will be linked with the corresponding image.

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