TWIST Film Festival Intro

The TWIST Film Festival is about amplifying voices from the LGBTQ community. From October 11 – 21, we’ll be celebrating the best this fun and eclectic niche has to offer. Formed in 1996 as the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, the promotion, put on by the Three Dollar Bill cinema has evolved with our culture to become the largest all-encompassing festival of this kind within the region. We’re excited to bring you content about some of the finest selections of this year’s festival. The lineup includes a wide array of hot topic short films, big features, and seminars on how to be a better ally. This is an invaluable community resource, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey to further extend the goodwill of TWIST’s mission statement. Pictured in the header is the SIFF Egyptian where many of the screenings take place, although the festival will be showing in four different theaters this year in total.


There is no time more important to be a good ally and community member than right now. As the year’s selection showcases, there is great art emanating from within the LGBTQ community, and we’re going to highlight some of the most exceptional pieces from the program.

Opening night we have my most anticipated feature, The Happy Prince, where Rupert Everett has taken up acting and directing in an Oscar Wilde biopic sure to be an audience pleaser. This film showcases Wilde’s final days, tragic but also inspired by his ever-acerbic wit. Also starring Emma Watson as his estranged wife and Colin Firth as his great friend, the cast ensures this will be a memorable affair. I can’t wait to share more about this film.

The Happy Prince

The festival’s documentary highlight is a special project called TransMilitary. This comes at a very crucial time when the military—the largest employer of Trans workers within the United States—have faced uncertainty about protecting its own members given the aims of the current administration. A frustrating and significant document, we’ll be giving this the full review treatment come Sunday, and we certainly hope you’ll give it a viewing.

There is a slew of short films bringing energy and enthusiasm to this year’s showing. There is such a large range of diversity and categories that we’ll be working to highlight some of the best talent from each grouping and giving you a run-down on these films throughout the festival.


There’s also a wild range of great stuff scattered around the lineup. Some highlights include a fantastic Austrian piece called L’Animale, documentaries on pop culture icons like George Michael and underground avant-garde artists like Maplethorpe, an eclectic smattering of the best local LGBTQ cinema has to offer.

Closing night, we’ll have the exciting Rafiki. I’ve already viewed it—and adored it—but our own Olwethu Ndaba will be covering it at the South Africa Film Festival, so we’re all very excited for the coverage.


Meanwhile, we’ll also have writers stationed in Austin, Chicago, and London, bringing you the best of this month’s film festivals. There is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. It’s our pleasure to bring you the best of the TWIST film festival, we hope you’ll come out and join us!