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Jessica Parker Kennedy in The Flash, “Nora”

The Flash

It was clear at the end of last season that the introduction of Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora would be a focal point of the show moving forward, and they wasted no time in reminding us of that in the season premier.  What the episode laid out has me hopeful for what the show could be this year with Nora and the family’s dynamic at the center. In this episode, some important points of conflict introduced, like Barry’s budding relationship with his daughter. She says they have never met before due to his disappearance in the near future. Iris also needs to mend what seems to have been a troubled mother-daughter relationship between the two of them.  Barry and Nora kick it off immediately and seem to share a bond, so naturally when he learns that they never got to have a relationship her whole childhood, he is greatly affected. Barry makes it clear that he doesn’t want Nora to go back to her time and instead they will figure out how to prevent his disappearance together.

Everything else in this episode was basically throwaway filler, not giving much time to the supporting characters because of the need to present this big family narrative with Barry, Iris, and Nora.  Cisco, of course, has some of his famous quips, and Wally returns for the episode, though it is made clear that he will not be staying.  One thing of note is lack of Tom Cavanaugh as Harry Wells.  It is unclear if he will be returning as season regular. Hopefully he will, as he has always been one of the strongest points of the series.

Still, this was an episode that was fun to watch and introduced a character that has a lot of charisma and promise.  She brought a new suit for Barry, which looks really slick, and her chemistry with the cast seemed really positive.  I am interested in exploring her character and her upbringing with Iris as a single mom. While they’re at it, they can come up with more of a compelling villain than what we got in this episode.  Gridlock was there basically just because they had to have someone, so they threw this one-off villain at us.  However, at episode’s end, we did see the introduction of a more powerful and intimidating villain that we can expect to see more of in the coming weeks.

All of The CW’s DC superhero shows have their past seasons available to stream on Netflix, and the new seasons will be airing on the following schedule on The CW:

Sunday: Supergirl 8pm ET
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