FilmEra on the Arrowverse: Weeks Two & Three


Melissa Benoist in Supergirl, “Fallout”

Supergirl has reached a new low this season and it is really hard to watch. All the steam and energy that the show had when it came over to The CW from CBS has been lost and it finds itself in an incredibly dark place just trying to tread water. For the new season, it is evident that Braniac has been made into our Winn replacement for comedic relief and it really isn’t working for me. The essence of his character is meant to be that of a robot/alien with no human social skills. His dynamic with Alex in the DEO is lame and uninteresting. Meanwhile, J’onn is on the out from the DEO but still on the show doing weird things separate from the main story. The overarching story involving the President being ousted from office after being revealed to be an alien is somewhat compelling, and the relationship between James and Nia seems to be a major point of interest already. Her coming out to James as being transgender made for a really heartfelt scene. However, James later made a speech to the office about respecting each other and I thought that fell totally flat. This series is hellbent on being as woke as possible and that is both good and bad. I appreciate all the statements that it is trying to make on our real-world political and social climate, but it is coming at the cost of interesting and, more importantly, fun storytelling.


Juliana Harkavy & Katie Cassidy in Arrow, “The Longbow Hunters”

In the past couple seasons, Arrow has reestablished itself as the cream of the crop for the network and the show seems to be on track to keep up that pace. The primary premise for the series at this point encompasses Oliver being imprisoned after pleading guilty to being the Green Arrow. Now we see him struggling with life in prison while his team moves on with life on the outside without him. Diaz remains the main antagonist and he seems hellbent on continuing to make Oliver suffer. In episode 2, Felicity made it clear that she will not rest until Diaz is taken care of. Oliver’s son, William, has been shipped off to boarding school, which is for the best, considering the weaknesses of that child actor. However, there is a new twist on this season: we are being fed flash-forwards showing William working with Roy, as Colton Haynes has returned to be a series regular this season. This new flash-forward concept will be interesting to see how it plays out over the course of the season, as this is the first time the show has moved on from flashbacks of Oliver before his return to Star City.

Legends of Tomorrow

Matt Ryan, Caity Lotz, Tala Ashe, Brandon Routh & Adam Tsekhman in Legends of Tomorrow, “The Virgin Gary”

Legends is the most fun of all the CW shows and it has the best understanding of what makes it work. It continues to lean heavily into the comedy and self-aware aspects of the series, and that is what makes it so damn enjoyable. Furthermore, the team dynamics continue to make it fresh from season to season. This year, John Constantine has been added into the fold as a regular, while we have lost Amaya. Amaya is a significant loss, being a romantic interest for Nate while also having a ton of depth to her character with her African roots. However, Zari, who was introduced last year, has now become a regular on the team and she brings a lot of the same cultural intrigue, being a direct descendant of Amaya. Sara appears to be continuing her relationship with Ava. It is really refreshing to see the main character explore a real lesbian relationship with actual depth and inspired storytelling. It isn’t clear yet if there will be a “big bad” for the season, but for the time being, it doesn’t matter. Just hanging out with these characters and seeing them travel back in time to fight a demon unicorn at Woodstock is enough.

The Flash

Chris Klein in The Flash, “The Death of Vibe”

We are now three episodes into this new season with Nora Allen, daughter of Barry and Iris from the future, being thrown into the mix. So far, I am feeling pretty open to where things are going. The father-daughter dynamic between Grant Gustin and Jessica Parker Kennedy continues to be weird, considering she is seven years older than Gustin, but I do like the different mix she has brought to the show. She is a lot more likeable than Wally ever was, and it is cool to see how she is growing with meeting her father for the first time and wrestling with her strained relationship with Iris. Apart from that family dynamic, Caitlin and Ralph are uncovering the truth behind her father, which seems to be a point of emphasis for her character this season. It is nice to see Caitlin get something to do besides cope with her Killer Frost side. Lastly, we see Tom Cavanaugh return in z new form once again, this time as Sherlock Wells. Cavanaugh continues to be a delight and this new character brings an interesting new detective flair to the proceedings. It will be interesting to see if this form of Wells is something that they will hang onto for the duration of the season.


All of The CW’s DC superhero shows have their past seasons available to stream on Netflix, and the new seasons are currently airing on the following schedule on The CW:

Sunday: Supergirl 8pm ET
Monday: Arrow 8pm ET | Legends of Tomorrow 9pm ET
Tuesday: The Flash 8pm ET | Black Lightning 9pm ET

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