FilmEra on the Arrowverse: Week Four

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Sam Witwer & Melissa Benoist in Supergirl, “Man of Steel”

This was really good! In what was the best episode of Supergirl in as long as I can remember, legitimate stakes were set out for the fourth season. We got to see the origin of a villain being played by Sam Witwer – Ben Lockwood aka Agent Liberty. The entire episode was dedicated to the origin story of this character and it provided an exceptional hour for this show, featuring a compelling and coherent standalone episode. The way they played it out by flashing back several years and taking a look at him as a family man was well executed, followed by playing up the idea of aliens in this world versus how we view illegal aliens in real life. Over time, Lockwood begins to hate aliens because of the effect they have had on his life, or so he sees it. Supergirl always strives be very progressive and relevant in its political views and themes, and this episode was the best version of that. If the show can maintain the tone established in this episode, we could be in for a surprisingly compelling season.


Emily Bett Rickards in Arrow, “Crossing Lines”

The latest episode of Arrow was somewhat of a throwaway. That’s not to say that it was a bad episode, but in the grand scheme of the season, this episode won’t do much to effect the story. That being said, the most notable point of this episode can be seen with Felicity establishing a rapport with FBI agent Watson. In the meat of the episode, Felicity and Watson devise a plan to apprehend Diaz. Of course, their plan doesn’t work out and he gets away, but seeing the two of them seems to be a step in a season-long partnership. It also feels like we’re nearing the end of Oliver’s stay in prison. If I had my guess, I would say that he is out of prison before the show goes on winter break in December. Knowing that the crossover event is nearing is only further reason to believe that Oliver will be back to shooting arrows in green leather in no time.

Legends of Tomorrow

Matt Ryan, Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Brandon Routh & Tala Ashe in Legends of Tomorrow, “Witch Hunt”

Another fun and exhilarating episode of Legends of Tomorrow, what a surprise! In this episode, we saw the crew travel back to the days of the Salem witch trials in colonial Massachusetts. It provided the opportunity for Zari to shine, as we saw her try to free witches being put on trial, before then being penned as a witch and put on trial herself. Everything surrounding this central story was of course a jolly good time, such is Legends tradition. Constantine came closer to becoming one with the team and Nate appears to be taking a break, which is truly a shame and perhaps some cause for concern. In an affecting goodbye, we see a sendoff for his character with Ray, bringing their bromance front and center. It is unclear if Nate’s break from the team will be permanent or not, and in the meantime there is reason to be worried as the team has dwindled in its size and character variety. Hopefully Constantine’s character continues to be intriguing enough to maintain the high energy the series is known for.

The Flash

Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolette & Jessica Parker Kennedy in The Flash, “News Flash”

The Flash was back with a pretty middling episode, one that simply reiterated a lot of the same beats that had already been hit in the first few episodes this season without doing much to progress the story. Most notably, we saw the greatest strain yet in Nora’s relationship with Barry & Iris. It is revealed that Iris had kept Nora’s powers a secret from her for her entire life up until a few months ago and Iris was understandably shook. However, Barry came to Iris’ rescue, stating that he stands by his wife and her decisions. This has left Nora divided from her parents, as at the end of the episode she goes to stay with “Papa Joe.” As of now, I remain intrigued by this new plot with Nora West. However, I fear that they will run out of story to tell much sooner than would be preferred and I could see this season turning into a serious slog rather quickly.

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