FilmEra on the Arrowverse: Week Five

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Chyler Leigh in Supergirl, “Ahimsa”

In the latest episode of Supergirl, we saw its return to mostly forgettable form. However, I have grown to appreciate Alex in the role of DEO director, as pictured above. She is such a badass and one of my favorite characters overall in this universe. Her blowup on Kara in light of her trying to go out into the field while still suffering from kryptonite poisoning was certainly ill advised, but I like seeing her take charge and exude her natural leadership qualities. J’onn was of great interest in this episode as well, running into the newly introduced Manchester Black. Black appears to be a character we will see more going forward, and I think they did a solid job with his introduction and showing his pain as a motivator. At the episode’s end, Alex had just gained everyone’s respect at the DEO, before Colonel Haley came down to interject that she has been sent down to monitor Alex and the DEO. This is sure to be a point of conflict for the remainder of the season, and we will have to see how Alex deals with having someone looking over her shoulder.


Echo Kellum in Arrow, “Level Two”

Tensions mounted in this week’s Arrow, with Felicity seemingly losing her grip on the difference between right and wrong. She was convinced that torturing Silencer to get information on Diaz was the best course of action, something very out of character for her. In this sense, she has become a lot more like Oliver in his absence, throwing out basic human guidelines in favor of protecting her family and the city at large. Furthermore, Dinah would also lose her way in favor of appeasing the mayor’s demands to capture the new vigilante. She even moved to handcuffing Rene when he got in her way. It’s strange seeing the characters pushed this far to the brink of their moral compass this early on in the season. Given the bomb dropped at the end of the episode in the flash forward that Felicity has already died at that time, it will be very interesting to see where they take her character this season.

Legends of Tomorrow

Maisie Richardson-Sellers in Legends of Tomorrow, “Dancing Queen”

This show continues to do what it does best: provide an hour of fun adventure in new settings and explore the different relationships within the team. This week, the crew went back to Britain 1977 to mix up with the punk rock scene, and it yielded tons of thrills. In one scene that really stood out, they were all in a punk rock concert and broke out into a complete brawl with the band and crowd raging around them. This is a scene that they have played out in different variations before, but it never fails to be exceptionally entertaining. In a more subdued and heartfelt moment, we saw Zari bond with Constantine over his troubled past. I love seeing the softer character moments in this show. They do a really great job of blending them in alongside all the excitement. At episode’s end, Nate decided to stay behind at the bureau following his newfound brotherhood with Gary. Meanwhile, Maisie Richardson-Sellers has returned to the show for the time being in peculiar fashion as a shape-shifter has become stuck in her form. It should prove to be interesting to see where this goes and how Nate will feel about it when he eventually finds out, but for the time being it is nice having the actress back and being given more to do with a more boisterous character.

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