FilmEra on the Arrowverse: Week Six

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Melissa Benoist in Supergirl, “Parasite Lost”

Supergirl churned out a fairly middle of the road episode this week, with the biggest plot points being the team’s fight against Parasite (the villain of the week), along with Alex’s working relationship with Colonel Haley. Agent Liberty enlisting Parasite made for a compelling hour of the show. Seeing the effect of aliens having their lives sucked out of them was pretty horrifying imagery and worked well. But, for me, the best conflict was seeing Alex try to get a read on Haley. At first, Colonel Haley and Alex seemed to be bonding, but as soon as Alex was compelled to make an executive decision in the field that went against Haley’s orders, Haley quickly denounced her. The rift between the two of them is sure to carry on for episodes to come, and it will be interesting to see how Alex fights back against her to regain control of the DEO.


Juliana Harkavy & Katie Cassidy in Arrow, “The Demon”

Arrow this week featured my favorite episode in a while, proving when Arrow operates at peak form it is still able to reach heights that the other shows in this universe cannot. For starters, Stephen Amell remains the best lead across the four shows. He has grown so much as an actor since the show premiered way back in 2012, and he does a tremendous job of carrying this series on his shoulders. During the show’s run, it has had a lot of turnover in regards to its cast. This week it prominently featured its best female characters, along with a new one who has certainly already left her mark. As the title of the episode suggests, we came to find out that “The Demon” is in fact Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig). Her presence in this episode was fantastic. I loved seeing her go back and forth with Oliver in prison, and their breakout scene was some of the best fight choreography the show has seen in a while. I really hope she will have a role in the show going forward. For the time being, it certainly seems she is here to stay!

Legends of Tomorrow

Dominic Purcell, Maisie Richardson-Sellers & Caity Lotz in Legends of Tomorrow, “Wet Hot American Bummer”

What’s that you say, another over the top, outrageously fun hour from Legends of Tomorrow? Such is par for the course at this point, with this week the crew going back to a 1995 summer camp to tackle a child-eating swamp monster. One thing I loved in this episode was the reference to AV Club in the beginning, where Sara and Ava are in bed talking about watching a movie and pull up the review on their phone. It was just another example of how extremely self-aware the writing team on this show is, and they continue to make this the most consistently watchable show in the Arrowverse. Another aspect of the episode I enjoyed was building on Constantine’s place in the team. I love Matt Ryan’s performance. He has been a very welcome addition to the team, and seeing him interact with different team members (this week Ray) has been a delight. Finally, we got to see what appears to be the beginning of Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ new character, Charlie, being integrated into the team as well. There was some good back and forth with her and Mick reflecting on their pasts over alcohol, and it looks like this new character is here to stay for the time being. I haven’t decided yet if this will be a good or bad thing, but I am certainly not looking forward to the inevitable confrontation when Nate returns to find a totally new person in Amaya’s body.

The Flash

Jessica Parker Kennedy, Candice Patton & Grant Gustin in The Flash, “All Doll’d Up”

Surprisingly, the highlight of this week’s episode of The Flash was its villain! Played by Troy James, Rag Doll was just the type of infusion of horror and intrigue this show needed. The effects they pulled off with the sound design—you could hear his body crunching and crackling as he twisted around his body parts—was really cool and creepy. The mask for him was also incredibly well done. It was like a mix between Michael Myers and Trippie Redd, a hilarious combo indeed, but it worked. They played him throughout the episode like a horror villain, and it worked to great effect, having Barry be the one to be captured and then Iris come to save him. They also made progress in Nora’s relationship with Iris; as we see at the end of the episode they are starting to form a bond. I am already starting to grow tired of Nora’s presence on the show, however. The show doesn’t really seem to have any sense of direction on where it’s taking the season-long narrative at this point, so I hope some points of conflict arise soon to give us something to build towards rather than just this family dynamic at hand.

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