FilmEra on the Arrowverse: Week Seven

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Chyler Leigh in Supergirl, “Call to Action”

Episode six of Supergirl this season proved to be another episode centered around building the overarching narrative to the season, and for this reason I found it to be another very engaging and rewarding hour for the show. There was a lot more meat added to the relationship between Alex and Colonel Haley. The two of them continue to rift over the power struggle at the DEO. At the end of the episode Alex was able to defend herself, suggesting she will always follow her instincts in the field, for better or worse, even if it’s in direct violation of Haley’s orders. Meanwhile, we saw Lockwood and the Agents of Liberty move forward with their acts of violence against aliens. James is stuck in the middle, and it has cast serious doubts on his relationship with Lena. This is sure to be a sore point with a lot of the show’s fanbase, as James and Lena have become a favorite among The CW’s couples. At episode’s end, it appears there is still more turbulence to come between them.


Katie Cassidy & Emily Bett Rickards in Arrow, “Due Process”

Oliver is getting out of jail! At least, Laurel would have us believe that at the end of this episode. This comes after she went to visit him in jail and he denounced her, saying she could never redeem herself in his eyes and he didn’t want her help. Well, at the pleading requests of Felicity, it appears Laurel has done just that. Seeing the two of them work together the last two episodes has been really rewarding, and I’m loving their budding relationship. On the fringes of this episode were Oliver and his existence in prison, where he felt compelled to stand up for a wrongly accused inmate. The flash-forwards continue to be unclear in where they are heading but remain an interesting new aspect for the season. Finally, shout-out to Anatoly coming in for another heat check performance in the episode. He has been the show’s most underrated character for seasons now, and I love that Arrow knows how to use him as this really fun and mysterious bonus character.

Legends of Tomorrow

Caity Lotz in Legends of Tomorrow, “Tagumo Attacks!!!”

Ugh, why does this show have to be so good? This season Legends of Tomorrow has secured its position as the best of these four series by a significant margin. It hasn’t had a single weak episode this season, with every chapter providing new excitement and adventures. This week, the crew went to 1951 Japan where filmmaker Ishiro Honda was working on a monster movie centered around a giant octopus that was a little too real for comfort. Over the course of the episode Mick was able to find himself as a writer, with Zari’s help, and eventually saving the day by writing in a female samurai warrior who would defeat the octopus and make violent love to Mick on the studio set of Tokyo. Before the team left Tokyo, Mick suggested to Ishiro that he employ lizards to his movies, as they are the real kings. So many pop culture references are laced in every episode of this show, and they are always in good fun and not overbearing. There was a lot of side story in this episode, with Nate and Ava having to leave Thanksgiving dinner to handle a disaster at the Time Bureau and Ray recruiting Nora Darhk back to help him revive Constantine. Now, five episodes into the season, we still appear to be without a main season-long conflict and overarching story, and I’m just fine with that. These one-off episodes are just too damn entertaining.

The Flash

Jessica Parker Kennedy & Candice Patton in The Flash, “The Icicle Cometh”

In contrast to the thrilling excitement that is Legends of Tomorrow, there is then The Flash. For the majority of the episode I was ready to come on here and bash the show for another boring, slog of an episode. However, by episode’s end, it kind of won me over. It did so simply with the charm of its most core characters. This episode was centered around Caitlin and her strained relationship with her father, who turned out to be the villain of the hour. This worked in the end because of how much we love Caitlin and how much we love Cisco’s friendship with her. Cecile and Ralph’s jaunt as a detective duo was largely throwaway, as was Nora attempting to bond more with Iris. Overall it was another middling episode from the show currently struggling the most with its identity this season, and that has been unfortunate to watch. Luckily, characters like Caitlin and Cisco are so lovable that we will continue watching, hoping this series can start to gain some steam in the coming weeks.

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