A new Era of film coverage: Created in January of 2018, FilmEra offers cinephiles a platform from which to voice their perspectives on visual media (Film, TV), to challenge the reader’s expectations of what media conveys–regardless of whether that media was released today or decades in the past. The visual medium is a story-telling device capable of strong emotions, and our community of passionate writers would like you to share in that passion as they shine their own perspective on what makes this medium so important to us all.


My name is Carl Broughton II and when I created FilmEra I never knew it would grow into what it has become today. We have a diverse group of writers from all over the world representing the underrepresented and the underheard voices of the film community. Within our first year, we have not only acquired press accreditations to some of the biggest film festivals in the world but have also become one of the fastest growing film coverage sites of 2018.

For press and editorial inquiries, contact myfilmera@gmail.com

Carl Broughton II, Creator