15 Free Movie Streaming Websites – No Signup & Download

What if I say you’ll get to watch your favorite movies and Tv shows for free? Isn’t it great? In this article, I’ll tell you the 15 best free movie streaming sites that don’t require sign up. Just open the site, search for the movie you want to watch, and voila you can watch it for free. But which site to choose is often a question, because your security may be at stake when streaming free content online.

Free Movie Streaming Sites 2021

So, here are the top 15 sites you can trust to watch movies for free. I also prefer using these sites to watch movies, after my Netflix subscription ended.

List of Free Movie Streaming Sites – No More SignUp

Let’s look at the free movie streaming sites where you can watch movies and other Tv shows.

1. YouTube

Whenever anyone talks about free movie streaming sites, how can one miss YouTube? This is one of the best video streaming platforms that allow you to watch content for free. From movies to Tv shows and, of course, exclusive content published by Youtubers, you get a variety of content to explore here.


You don’t even need to go through the signup process. Since the day its rollout, YT has never stopped to offer you amenable content. One thing that can tweak you while exploring for free is interruptive ads and content that may not be available in the country. But if you are not selective, then you get so much to watch for free.

2. IMDb Tv

Movies admirers and Tv shows fans always hit the streaming sites where the fun is free. And that’s what IMDb Tv serves to you. This streaming service allows you to watch free movies online. But that’s not just the only catch here because you’ll also get to watch numerous Box office hits, celebrity gossips, Blu-ray releases, and much more content.


The best part of you doesn’t need to create an account to watch the movies or any other content. The only downside of IMDB Tv is right now; this online streaming site is available only to United States viewers. So, you need to take the help of a VPN if you want to enjoy the services.

3. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is amongst the best movie streaming sites that offer you a myriad of movies ranging from science fiction films to action movies, and various horror films. Its interface is relatively more straightforward as compared to other free movie sites. Moreover, you don’t need to pass through the signup process and account creation. This will allow users to play some of the epic movies of the decades like House on Haunted Hill, Charlie Chaplin series, My Man Godfrey, and many more.

Internet Archive

All those are just names of few movies available on this site, but that’s not just a limited option because you get so much to watch for free. What’s the catch here is you can even download the movies and keep them forever with you.

4. PopcornFlix

A film and a bucket of popcorn sound incomplete without each other. Similarly, the best free movie websites list is incomplete without PopcornFlix. This popular media website allows you to view movies and tv shows without any signup process. Whether you want to explore the movie or tv shows, the library card never lets you put your eyes off from streaming over and over again. The best thing about the PopcornFlix is you can explore movies without Signup.


Moreover, it has a relatively straightforward interface. Another valid reason for having this streaming site is that it is highly compatible with most streaming devices like iOS, Amazon Fire Tv, Roku channel, and Android devices. So, explore the website and start watching free movies.

5. WatchFree

WatchFree is one of the best movie streaming websites for free, requiring any signup process. This site has a massive collection of free movies and Tv shows. Website design and the user interface is more straightforward.  When you visit the site for the first time, you’ll get to know that this is the site that you want to explore and view movies online.


Here, it’s needless to say that this website is free. But what makes it excellent than another site is it offers High-Definition quality video and never fails to impress you. Although it doesn’t host its shows and collect the movies from another source, still your eyes never get tired of exploring.

6. StreamOnHD

StreamOnHD is another popular streaming website where you can explore free Tv shows and movies in HD quality. You don’t need to register here to watch thousands of movies for free. Its interface is straightforward, and the exclusive shows on the site are nicely categorized under different sections like Tv series, movies, latest movies, and Genres.


What you want to watch is present on the dashboard so that you don’t need to waste your time searching only. However, some ads may interrupt you while exploring the movies that would be ok if you’re having so much to watch for free.

7. Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv is the best free movies website that has an impressive collection of movies. It’s a legal free movies website that allows you to explore thousands of movies and tv series free. However, registration all depends on you whether you want to register or not. Because without registration, this will allow you to explore the latest movie for free.

Tubi Tv

From classic movies to live Tv shows, you get to see anything you require. Tubi Tv is a complete entertainment source because it offers different genres, TV series, thriller movies, documentaries, and even sports shows.

8. YesMovies

YesMovies is amongst the free movie websites that offer you a massive Tv series range and high-quality content without Signup. Moreover, all the content on the site is well categorized, making it easy to watch movies for free. You can also find movies of your choice with the filters provided on the streaming platform like country, Genre, and many other filter options. Moreover, it also provides you with requesting facilities to see classic films and other movies of your choice.


Like other free sites, this streaming site is ad supported, which may interrupt you during streaming, but it’s not that offensive. Moreover, you can explore additional information related to film stars, movies, and other things. Meanwhile, you also get to watch free movies online from all countries.

9. WatchSeries HD

Another in the list of free movie websites is WatchSeries HD. This free online movie site also offers you shows and movie content without signing up like other sites. However, it doesn’t offer you a filtering option like IMDB rating and others. Still, you can explore the content from the given search bar.

WatchSeries HD

Apart from the latest movie content, you can also explore free content of tv shows. Moreover, it also offers you five different streaming options, so if, due to some reasons, you are not able to load the movie and tv series, then you can explore them from another server too. The user interface is smooth, and you can also enjoy full-screen high-quality content for free.

10. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the top-rated streaming sites that allow users to explore lengthy movies and original shows. It is similar to YouTube, but the remarkable thing is it has a privacy option. So, you can start watching your favorite content without any signup process.


This is not only the free online movie site only because this website also allows you to upload your original content too. So, your original content will be available to view on this streaming site. This might have a privacy option but still ok for the public domain user.

11. AZMovies

If you are looking for a free online movie streaming website, then AZMovies is best for you. This site allows you to stream movies and watches for free. Some users feel irritating with the ads but thanks to this free online movie site that makes it easy for the user to block the ads with the help of Ad Blocker.


You can use the search bars and explore free movies from the homepage. The site also allows you to view the latest movies in HD quality without any hassles of registration. This is probably the best streaming website that gives you the freedom to see for free.

12. Soap2Day

Do you love to watch full-length movies free? Then Saop2Day is the best free movie watching site for you. Soap2Day offers you to view movies online without registration and signup process. Moreover, this site has a marvelous collection of streaming movies and even the latest movies.


You can also filter the content from the search bar on this free movie site and even with the category section given on the dashboard. Watching free movies here on the site is relatively simpler. Just click, explore and go. From short movies to lengthy ones, you will get so much to watch movies online.

13. Vumoo

Streaming movies free never looks so amazing ever before. But this Vumoo allows you to watch the latest movies free without any registration and Sign Up. From free movies to Tv shows, the search bar never lets you off. Stranger Things Season 1 is also available to watch on this free movie exploring the site.


Besides that, this site uses the third party’s resources to provide the content. So, you can say that you have a good library card that gives you the freedom to explore your choice’s content. Along with you have a smooth interface that allows you to stream films smoothly.

14. 123Movies

123Movies allows you to watch free films and Tv series available in all formats of videos, like 1080P, 720P, and others. However, you may find some disruptive ads that are popping up on the screen. Thanks to the Ad Blocker that keeps you away from the ads.


Moreover, one can explore movies online free from the search box. Alternatively, you can explore from the menu bars. This helps you to navigate the movies quickly of your choice. The latest released movies to the Tv show will get a plethora of content available on the site. You can feel free to watch your favorite content anytime on the site without any hassles.

15. MovieStars

If one needs to explore movies on an online platform for free, then MovieStars is for you. This website has a smooth interface that allows you to explore the latest movies, animation content, top Tv shows, and even IMDb films.

Besides that, the videos are available in high definition. So, you can enjoy the movies with excellent clarity. MovieStars site is relatively excellent for streaming the latest movies, old films, and other content you love to watch.

However, some ads may popup on your screen while watching the movies; it is still worthy of watching the content without having a signup process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. On which website can one watch free movies and shows without Sign Up?

Ans: 123Movies, YouTube, IMDb Tv, and Internet Archive are the best websites to watch movies for free.

2Q. Is 123Movies reliable for exploring movies?

Ans: Yes, it is pretty reliable and safe to watch movies and Tv series online.

3Q. What are the best free streaming sites right now?

Ans: YouTube, Tubi Tv, Roku Channel, StreamOnHD, and Watch free are the best streaming sites right now.

Final Words:

Movies and Tv shows today are significant sources of entertainment these days. But not all sites allow you to explore the content. Thankfully, now you have the 15 best free movie streaming sites that help you watch your favorite shows and films without registration. Although some ads interrupt you in free streaming, yet it can be nullified when you get so much to explore for free. You don’t even need to put your email address to watch your movies and shows. So, just hit the site and start streaming your content.

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