Pride 2019: A Tribute to the Films That Make Us Feel Seen


For Pride Month, I wanted to make a tribute to films that have meant so much to me personally as well as others in the LGBT community. As we all know, the film industry and the LGBT community have had a complicated past. Only in recent years have films begun to portray the community in a more positive and progressive way. We have had such scarce, poor representation, and some of us have had none at all.

With this video, I wanted to celebrate the stories that we have been given. Even though there is still such a long way to go in regards to representation, especially behind the camera, we also have some truly stunning, beautiful stories. Telling our stories has an impact on the world around us. It can change the way people look at those in our community, or simply give them another love story to root for. But these stories will always touch our community in ways that we cannot always explain to others. I hope this video can represent some sense of that feeling we find so hard to explain, the feeling of being seen.


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