About Filmera and how to write for us.

Filmera is a community-driven film site with reviews, commentary, and insights created in January 2018, and relaunched in May of the same year. The site was made for cinephiles who lacked resources or needed the extra push to actually write about what they love. What makes Filmera unique is that anyone can have an article published on our site no matter what their experience is. Yes, that is right as long as you are willing to put in the work we will take a chance on you, our team is never too large. We have editors and community members work with you to help express your passion for film or tv through written/video form. Our community link https://discord.gg/ZH6r4m

Business inquiries and partnerships contact: myfilmera@gmail.com

Interested in joining our ever growing team? contact: ccbroughton4@gmail.com or contact our twitter at https://twitter.com/film_era