Author: Graham Austin

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Wind River

“You will not survive here. You are not a wolf, and this is the land of wolves now.” That line is delivered in the final scene of the relentless cartel thriller Sicario, written by Taylor Sheridan. In that film a woman discovers she is in over her head in a lawless world of male-driven violence and subterfuge. Wind River, Sheridan’s directorial debut, opens with a wolf being killed by a hunter. Not even the wolves survive this time. This is the land of hunters.

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Zatoichi in Desperation

For the twenty-fourth adventure, Zatoichi in Desperation, the star in front of the camera also becomes the man behind the camera. So how did Katsu, the person who understood the title character better than anyone, decide to direct himself and weave the narrative for the character he had become so accustomed to? By sending Ichi straight to hell, of course.